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Friday, October 9, 2009

Production Order Production Setup Time

My client has a production setup where there is a particular activity which has a setup time of 8 hrs when it is executed for the first time, but if another production order is taken up for the same material then the set up rime is zero. That is if I produce a material x at a particular work center the for the first time the set up time is 8 hrs, but if another production order of same material x is executed right after this order then the setup time is zero. Now, if we give the setup time as 8 hrs in routing then the system will calculate total time taking 8 hrs as setup time each time. Is there any way in which the system takes the setup time as zero when a production order for a particular material as repeated.


Take a look at the functionality associated with the set up group and transition matrix, if I remember rightly though the setup times are only adjusted after production orders have been despatched in the planning table as this is the first time SAP is aware of the sequence of manufacture


If I am not wrong, setup matrix and transition matrix can be made use of when you go from one operation to the other in a particular routing. But, here there is only 1 operation in the routing and that operation is being repeated for different production orders of the same material. Can this different setup times be given for this same operation.


If I remember if setup group key is defined in the operation in the routing and then the transition times between setup keys is maintained in configuration.

So it's possible to create something like the following:

From Key 1 To Key 1 30 mins
From Key 1 To Key 2 8 hours

So different the operations in orders for the same material should both have the same key and should have a setup time on 30 mins between them.

Then when a different material with a different setup key comes along in the manufacturing sequence it will pick up an 8 hour setup time


I am facing a much similar problem. We have 15 work stations and daily 50 - 60 production orders are printed. I am maintaining production time as well as set up time in the routings ( There exists a separate routing for all the part no's ). When a production order is printed it copies the setup time from routings. Suppose in one work station there happens has to be 2 production orders processed one by one then the setup is only once. but due to the fact that setup is present in the routings the production order shows a non-conformity of setup time for the 2nd production order. How to solve this problem.

Narendra S

We have a similar situation in the company I work for, we don't actually maintain routings at material level but use reference operation sets at an aggregate level to represent the different production footprints (the link to each material is then made through the production version in the material master).

We measure the actual setup time confirmed in each order belonging to each footprint / family over a rolling three month period and maintain an average setup time in the reference operation set. This gets copied to each production order, but is only to make sure that a time allowance is left in each production week for set up to create meaningful capacity planning data.

When the planners develop the manufacturing schedule using the graphical planning table they then update the setup time in each order automatically with the setup times maintained in the transition matrix so it's more accurate, as it takes account of the order being made on the workcentre previously. So in our case two orders sharing the same footprint will have different setup times.
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